CHIHSUS Introduction

CHIHSUS Color Printing was established in 1997. We provide the best quality thermal transfer products and are widely used on garment fabrics. The materials use environmentally-friendly materials and do not contain harmful substances such as PVC and eight heavy metals. The main products are: PET thermal transfer paper, customized materials of various materials include: flocking, offset printing, photo printing, reflective, tin foil, hot drilling and aluminum drilling. Most of the products are ready-to-wear traders or ready-to-wear factories, and are mainly used for the export of domestic garments, hats, and backpacks.

Contact Information

Telephone 886-2-2298-9185
E-mail:[email protected]
Break Time:12-00AM~13-00PM
Opening Time:09:00AM~06:00PM
Tax ID:16132479

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